Programme 2017

1st February
Mistresses & their Influence on History with Madeleine Salvetti

1st March
Portsmouth, Harlots, Dung & Glory – a history of the port with Andrew Negus

5th April
Wild Indonesia with Ray Hale

3rd May
Resolutions Meeting
(plus some entertainment!)

7th June
The City Livery Companies from the Middle Ages to the Modern day
with Iain Pulley

5th July
The South Pole Granny with Tess Burrows


6th September
Fishermania / Kitty Fisher with Bob France

4th October
The Sussex Air Ambulance

1st November
Annual General Meeting
Lin from Kim’s Bookshop, Chichester

6th December
The Magic of Pantomime with Ian Gledhill

3rd January 2018
‘What the Butler saw’ with Bob France