Programme 2016

6th January
Behind the Dentists’s Chair  with Di Beck

3rd February
Chichester Talking Newspaper with Jane Windsor

2nd March
British Alstroemeria  with Ben Cross

6th April
Alfred Russell Wallace, ‘The Man who lived in Darwin’s Shadow’
with Ray Hale

4th May
Resolutions & Entertainment

1st June
“I don’t wish to complain dear, but…”
9 Years in the travel business
with Gwen Appleton

6th July
The Plight of the Polar Bears  with James Weston

7th September
Pam on a Bike’ with Pam Goodall

5th October
‘A Little Piece of Cardboard’
Postcard History
with Sylvia Endacott

2nd November
Annual Meeting

7th December
Desert Island Discs

7th January 2017
Cantering through a Funny Life
(She was PA to John Betjeman)
with Susan Howe